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Advanced Administration of the System

Topics: Booting GNU/Linux | Kernel Topics | X Input | X - One-Pagers

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Booting GNU/Linux

Everything you need to know about boot loaders.

Page One (~LiLo): Page Two (GRUB): Page Three: KB Index

Kernel Topics

These days, compiling and installing a new kernel is seldom necessary. If you want to do it anyway, here is the plan.

Page One:

Page Two (RPM): Page Three (Source): Page Four (Troubleshooting): KB Index / top

X Input


Page one:

Page Two:


Page One:

Page Two:

X One-Pagers

One-page articles about various X topics.

Customizing X: Setting Color Depth / Setting Screen Resolution / Setting Refresh Rate / Power Saving / Running Scripts Automatically {June 18, 02}

Online Desktop Resources: X / KDE / GNOME / Other Desktop Environments / Window Managers (Resources Section) {July 02, 02}

Starting X: General Settings / Starting From Console / Starting Graphically {June 17, 02}

Tweaking X: X Speed Issues / What About System Speed? / Replace Drivers or X / Choosing The Right Environment / The Right Programs {June 19, 02}

X File: Using Digraphs In X / Creating PDFs With SO 5.2 / Accessing SSH Accounts With 'Konqueror' {June 11, 02}

X Fonts: Font Anti-Aliasing / "My Fonts Are Too Small1.1 " / Adding Fonts / Font Resources {June 11, 02}

X Networking: Exporting the Display to Another Unix Machine / Sharing Displays With Machines Running MS Windows Or Mac Os / Running Multiple X Sessions {June 18, 02}

X Setup Troubles: Preparations / Rerunning The Configuration Utility / Finding Out About X Server 'Issues' / If Your Card Is Not Supported By XFree / Logs / Common Errors and Fixes {June 19, 02}

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