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In an ideal world, you wouldn't need documentation. But as it is, you should know where to find it and how to find your way through it.

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Files And Directories

Structure of The Linux File System

Lost in a maze of strange directories of the File system Hierarchy Standard? These pages tell you which files to find in which directories.

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Understanding Permissions

Permissions are file attributes. Learn why they are here, why they are good and how to handle them.

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Installing Software

First the principles: in Linux you don't need to visit the vendors' sites to download and install everyting one by one. Instead of this you have a central software installer utility which is for install all the software you want and one software uninstaller to uninstall everything you don't need. You need to setup the software sources where you want to install from though, be it a CD, local network or an ftp server. When you have done that you just need to browse the available software in the software installer (rpmdrake) and choose it. Rpmdrake will take care of the rest.

From RPM

RPM is a software package allowing the easy installation, de-installation and management of software. It is recommended to use 'urpmi' or the Mandrake Control Center to install software, which is a wrapper around RPM that is able to solve dependencies.

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Page Two: Page Three: Page Four: Page Five:(Contributed by Kevin Masaryk, edited) see related topic software.

From source

Want bleeding edge? Compile yourself1.1 These pages tell you how.

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Handling third party (Adobe, Netscape) installers.

Installing Non-RPM Programs {May 21, 02}

Using The Shell

These pages introduce and explain basic shell commands and mechanisms.

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Setting the Local Language

These pages explain how you can change the local language used in the shell.

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