Cooker is the Mandriva Linux development distribution. It evolves constantly, thus being called an "unstable distribution", and is regulary forked to produce a stable distribution for release. Think of it as a version of Mandrivalinux that is not meant for everyday use. See the Mandriva Linux cooker page for more details.


  • List of package maintainers:
  • The mailing-list:
    • "weekly report of old packages, or broken dependencies are send, these packages have to be built in priority"
    • register by sending an email to with "SUB maintainers" in the subject line

Cooker and Java

License issues

Mandriva valid licenses:

Short Story: new to cooker

Once upon a time a Mandriva user felt the desire to play an active role in his community… (please fill in the blanks!)

  • Getting the hands dirty
  1. Installing a Mandriva beta or release candidate and reporting to Bugzilla (
  2. Feeding Testzilla: (
  3. Installing permanently Cooker and maintaining it up to date (reporting bugs and cooperating with Cooker developers by testing patches and giving output)
  4. Compiling and packaging some software: a patch to a broken package can be sent to the Cooker mailing-list and to the maintainer (see above how to obtain the list); before that learn about RPM Packaging and to become an expert at RPM read the book Maximum RPM
  5. Providing more by uploading packages as a Club Volunteer (look for ideas in the maintainers mailing-list or on the RPM Farm web page? here at the Club!)
  6. After the skills have been displayed, joining boldly the cooker team by getting an account with a (see CookerHowTo above)
  7. Subscribe to the maintainers mailing-list (see above)
  • Keeping informed in the process
    • Bugzilla (see above) is a good place to start and to learn the basics about the packages, and the etiquette; also all the bugs new and old are listed there
    • Mailing-lists (Changelog and cooker: see Cooker Home above) brings mountains of information
    • And of course -the last but not least- this Wiki!

Ideas to effectively monitor the pulse of the Cooker process

What would be the best measurements to perform in order to get a faithful overview of the cooking activity at Mandriva? Some random ideas…

  • Changelog output (new packages/over time)
  • Activity on the cooker mailing-list (by packages)
  • Bugzilla
  • We need to gather information by package, and to track it over time ; groups of packages appear to be a necessity due to the large number of packages ; people could subscribe to a package-wise measurements source (this brings the question of formatting and publishing). See the Cooker Wiki for ongoing discussions.

A step forward

The process can be improved. For example by…

  • providing/publishing a TODO list ordered by priority: packagers needing help (time pressure?), developers requesting testing for their patches, but also Club members -or Mandriva users at large- requesting new packages or needed updates.... (there is already this page: and it looks like the Club has already some voting area, it would be nice to display all this information in one location to get an overview of what's happening)
  • We need an out-of-date package list somewhere (suggested by WarLy)
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