How to distribute Dynamic web site on a CD-Rom ?

Here various ideas

Using a Live CD

You can use mklivecd from the Live CD Project. It is available in the Mandrakelinux contribs. I will run on any PC.

Using web server directly from the CD-Rom on a Windows machine

AMPonCD (X-Author) - Open Source - with Apache/MySQL/PHP/Perl
( for a fresh Apache/PHP/MySQL, it work now on the USB storage aswell as well as WAMP MSS and Mov'Amp)

Broadowler Systems Ltd Demo CD - Open Source - with Apache/MySQL/PHP/Perl and a Visual Basic installer

Zazouminiwebserver - GPL (web site in french)

Microweb ($$)

Stunnix Perl Web Server ($$) (multi-plateform)

DWebPro ($$, free for non commercial use)

NamoWebserver ($$)

Nanoweb, a web server written in PHP - probably multi-plateform:

Any ideas to have the same running on Linux and MacOSX are welcome1.1

Running your scripts without a web server

with MozPHP you can execute PHP scripts in Mozilla directly without the need for a local HTTP (Linux and Windows):

~ScriptViewer (windows)

Encrypt the perl or PHP to protect the source

You don't want to have people to have a look to the source code and see stuff like passwords ?

For Perl:

Perl Archive Toolkit


Perl2exe ($$)

Perlapp ($$)

Stunnix ($$) - the obfuscator for Perl source code

PHP encoders:

Zend Encoder

IonCube PHP Encoder

Source Guardian

PHTML Encoder

ByteRun Protector for PHP


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