The sound in a Gnome Desktop

If you would like to use the gnome sound driver Esound (esd), you need to change some parameters:

*Install RPM Esound:



  • Amend the file /etc/esd.conf
[esd] auto_spawn=1 spawn_options=-terminate -nobeeps -as 2 -promiscuous -r 44100 spawn_wait_ms=300

If you d'ont change the file like that on certain system you won't be able to read many stream at the same time (at least on the Mandrake 10) and it's not the aim of Esd to play only one stream1.1 In fact setting -promiscuous will accept that differents user on the same computer may play sound, and not only the user who start the sound driver Esound, and -r 44100 is if you want to change the mix rate (it's an option).

*Select "Enable sound server startup" of the control board "Sound Preference" of Gnome. Applications ––> Systeme ––> Configuration ––> Gnome ––> Sound Preference

*Install the RPM to manage the audio output of each audio software or video software you use, and select ESD to manage the output.

For XMMS ––> xmms-esd-1.2.10-3mdk

For Totem and Xine ––> xine-esd-1-0.rc3.6mdk

For Gnome Gstreamer ––> gstreamer-esound-0.6.4-4mdk

_To test than everything work well you can use "esdplay a-sound-file.wav", then with this soft you can check the multi stream mix._

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