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If you want to always run a MS Windows operating system on your computer and also run LINUX on a virtual window of it, then continue reading. If you want to run LINUX with its full power, then you should instead make a LINUX installation on a separate hard drive for it. LINUX will be much faster if it is run without any Windows.

It is also recommended to install a virtual LINUX on your Windows computer if you want to surf in the internet. There would not be any fear again to execute some virus programs. Surfing on the internet under LINUX is much more secure than under Windows, and even more secure if it is run in a window of a virtual machine.

The follwing virtual machine systems can be executed on a Windows computer. Install the virtual machine on your Windows or even LINUX computer. Then install Mandriva Linux on the virtual system. You could even run a whole network of LINUX machines on only one computer.

VMware Player

Free VMware Player

The more enchanced version is the VMware Server Documentation

Virtual PC

MS Virtual PC

Or get the server version from here: Download or Order Virtual Server 2005 R2 Enterprise Edition for Free

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