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Multimedia Applications


What Multi media software to use?

Please, as you look for and find some software, add them in the table below.

Function Software
Video Player Kaffeine
  Real Player
Video Editing Avidemux
DVD Creation KMediaFactory
DVD to XviD Backup DVD Rip-O-Matic
Animation Flash Player
Internet radio player Juice
Radio player KRadio
Music database Kmusicdb
TV player, recorder MythTV

Watching all kinds of movies...

… is a matter of having all the relevant codecs.

This thread has a lot of relevant information. (Can you take some time to summarize the information here?)

Codecs available for mplayer

install all the codecs rpm.

Codecs can also be downloaded here.

.asx movies and avisynth.dll

When playing some (all?) .asx movies with mplayer, the following message appears.

Win32 LoadLibrary failed to load: avisynth.dll , /usr/lib/win32/avisynth.dll, /usr/local/lib/win32/avisynth.dll

According to this forum thread, getting and installing the said library doesn't work.

Question waiting for answers here: (If you know the solution, you can write it here directly, and make a notice in the forum).


Make sure libdvdcss is installed (may not be installed by default because of some US regulation!):

urpmi libdvdcss

on Linux with libdvdcss, the region code of your drive is not relevant, nor is the region code of the discs you play. The RPC2 counter just doesn't count, on drives that have no region set yet, this will stay that way. You can check the drive's region on Linux with dvd_region.c.

(Thank you to for some of the information about DVD zones above.)

Real Audio Player

The Real Player for Linux is here or you can download it from here. Do one of the following things: a) Click on the 'Download Player' button to start with the download of the RealPlayer 10

b) download the rpm package from the link below. Select the gurpmi application to start with the installation.

For further installation instructions consult the Real homepage.

Then open your Real Player folder file:/usr/local/~RealPlayer or the folder to where you have downloaded it. Drag and Drop the 'realplay' file to your desktop and create a link there. Then you double click on that newly created icon on the desktop to start the Real Audio Player.


See the Myth TV topic for detailed instructions for installing MythTV under Mandriva.

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