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See also the article on Support Resources.

Mandriva General

Mandriva has two main sites: and Currently both are providing roughly the same content, with usually being more up to date.

The Mandrivaclub provides you with the opportunity to support your favorite Linux distribution financially. It has a forum with Mandriva related tips, tricks, rumors, announcements, semi-official news, and voting for rpm packages which should be distributed in the future Consumer versions of Mandriva distributions.

Mandriva Updates, Bugs And Fixes

You can receive important security related updates via the 'MandrivaUpdate' utility. MandrivaUpdate will check what software is installed on your system and tell you if an update is available and why.
For more thorough information, go to Mandriva Online. The Easy urpmi config for mandriva helps you to configure the urpmi settings for software sources.

If you have trouble installing Mandriva, make sure to check out the 'Errata' pages for your version:* latest version errata.

If you think you've found a software error ('bug'), visit mandriva's Bug Tracker (aka 'Bugzilla'), either to find out if there's already a fix for your problem available or to report a new problem. Notice that in order to file a bug report, you will have to request the creation of an account first.

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Mandriva Mailing Lists

Apart from the 'community support' mailing lists, there are also lists for people interested in security and development.

The developer mailing lists cover different aspects of Mandriva's open development distribution: 'cooker' (general discussion), 'cooker-ppc' (PPC port), 'cooker-i18n' (internationalization and localization), 'cooker-Firewall' and 'changelog' (list of package changes). Every list's language is English.
Online archives are available for 'cooker'.

Lists focused on security are “security-announce” and “security-discuss”.

To subscribe to one or more of these lists, you can either use the web form.

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Mandriva Contacts

Sometimes it might be necessary to contact someone at Mandriva directly. In this case, please refer to Mandriva's Contact Page.

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Mandriva Software

You can keep your Mandriva Linux distribution up to date by using the 'MandrivaUpdate' program installed on your box ('Configuration' * 'Packaging' in the menu). Notice that these updates only cover security issues, severe software errors or major updates.

Software for Mandriva Linux is available in the form of RPM-packages and ISO-images for CDs. Mandriva software can be downloaded from FTP servers worldwide. Members of the Mandriva Club have access to commercial packages and may download the ISOs using BitTorrent. Mandriva CD or DVD ISOs may be downloaded under Linux or Windows. If you are not familiar with BitTorrent, you will need a BitTorrent client application to assist you with downloading the files, such as Azureus * BitTorrent client.

You can buy Mandriva Linux releases and assorted goodies from the MandrivaStore.

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