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Emulators & Ports

Useful programs for people who use more than just Linux.

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One-page articles about various utils & apps issues.

Installing Java (Contribution) {Mar. 19, 02}

Time Tools {Mar. 22, 02}

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Web Browsers


Console Web Browsers {July 09, 02}

Mozilla 1.0 / Netscape 7

Tips, tricks and workarounds for Mozilla 1.0 / Netscape 7 on Linux users. If you are an AOL user, you should prefer the Netscape and otherwise the Mozilla browser, because the extensions in the Netscape can only be used with AOL as your internet provider.

Page One:

Page Two: Mozilla Troubleshooting

Netscape 4.x

Netscape 4.x Problems (Contribution) {July 12, 00}

Tips, tricks and workarounds for Netscape 4.x on Linux users.

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News Readers


Akregator is a fast, lightweight, and intuitive feed reader program for KDE. It allows you to quickly browse through hundreds of thousands of internet feeds in a quick, efficient, and familiar way.

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Samba Quickies

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The sound in a Gnome Desktop

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