Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring RC1 "Xianyang" released


Mandriva is pleased to announce the release of the first release candidate for Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring. Spring features a raft of improvements and enhancements over its predecessors, including the latest software, extended support for the latest 3D desktop technologies (including Metisse), enhanced and improved system configuration and software installation tools, cutting-edge hardware support, and a sleek new look. The official announcement includes all the details on this release candidate, what you will find in it, and where to download it.

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Linegod | 16.03.2007 at 12:49 AM
I'm not necessarily a fan of Digg - but more diggs is more exposure:

sbelkin | 16.03.2007 at 09:53 PM
He traducido el anuncio del Wiki de Mandriva, quizá alguien quiere "wikificarlo" y tenerlo allí también castellano, está en:

Open Kairos

sbelkin | 17.03.2007 at 05:28 PM
sbelkin: Me contesto a mí mismo: Ya la traduje :)

Linux Consulting | 22.03.2007 at 10:18 PM
Where can we get the commercial rpms such as the ipw3945 for my wireless card. I installed it but couldn't get my wireless working. Any ideas? Being a Club Member… I was hoping I don't have to compile them.

dexter11 | 23.03.2007 at 01:41 PM
2007.1 should have a non-free repo with propietary drivers. Try that.

Ricardo_6539 | 31.03.2007 at 03:36 PM
If I install the release candidate 2007.1rc1, Will I be able update it without having to reinstall when the final release comes?



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