Mandriva Linux One 2006 beta 2


The second beta of Mandriva Linux One 2006, our new installable live CD, is now available from most public mirror sites. This fixes a range of issues from the first beta: here is Warly's list.

rename occident Americas-Western_Europe
load usb-storage and sleep a "small" bit to be able to boot from USB
CD-Rom drives
move ide-generic to end of loaded modules
clean /etc/iftab and /etc/shorewall/interfaces
allow to disable services
run harddrake because a crappy snd-usb-audio workaround may do something
at shutdown (#21329)
remove /etc/modprobe.conf and /etc/modprobe.preload build-machine specific stuff
load disk/ide as well (Titi)
remove useless ISDN network configuration file
try not to run kat a second time when running kde apps as root (#21308)
include zcip and tmdns (#21305)
install ntp (#21287)
really change META_CLASS in postInstall
add printerdrake/scannerdrake related packages
initial import of Mandriva One configuration files and draklive-install tool
patch rpmdrake to be able to add base distro media (#21307)
don't remove mandriva-theme
disable services that slow down boot
bump requirements
use cups as defaultspooler (and don't prompt user with an annoying message)
copy kside image
use draklive-install-0.1-2mdk
don't start/stop the tmdns service during install
add kside image
patch rpmdrake to be able to add base distro media (#21307)

Please note that it's been reported that this release does not yet fix the commonly reported kernel panic on machines with multiple optical drives. If you experienced this bug with Beta 1, please don't spend your time and bandwidth to download this edition. We will try and release an updated beta soon which includes the fix for that problem. Otherwise, please do download the new beta and file any as-yet-unzapped bugs on Bugzilla. Thanks!

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