Announcing Mandriva One, a combined live and install CD based on Mandriva Linux 2006

#includeResource("Skel.ArticleHeader") An operating system is generally available as a live CD or a set of installation CDs, but not both on the same disc. Mandriva One differs in offering an all-in-one CD based on Mandriva Linux 2006. It's a great way for all users to save space and time. This high quality Linux distribution not only includes live and install functionality but also a selection of the best free software available - and selected non-free applications and drivers are available on a special edition for Mandriva Club members.

Perfect for Linux beginners

In order to help people to discover Linux, Mandriva One is designed to be very easy to use. The installation wizard and the dual-boot setup wizard help the user to install Linux if he decides to migrate – a simple icon on the desktop allows you to install the system with a few clicks. What's more, files created in live mode are included if you install the running system to the hard disk.

Available in many languages, in detail:

Mandriva One Eastern Europe
Mandriva One Central Europe
Mandriva One Asia Africa
Mandriva One Americas Western Europe
Mandriva One Club Edition = Mandriva One Americas Western Europe + proprietary drivers and firmware (including ATI & Nvidia drivers) and proprietary software (including Flash Player and RealPlayer, but not Acrobat due to lack of space).

Following the tradition of localization of Mandriva Linux, Mandriva One is available in dozens of languages. Four CDs are available, offering a specific choice of languages for the various regions of the globe (America and Western Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Africa / Asia), totalling more than 70 languages.

Mandriva Club members already get early access to the latest Mandriva Linux versions (for standard and above members), commercial applications and much we add two new benefits with Mandriva One.

Adding more packages to your installed Mandriva One system is super-easy: just go to the system menu, look under System / Configuration / Packaging and click on "Software Media Manager". Now click the "Add" button and you can use one of Mandriva's mirror sites as a package source, containing the full range of official packages for Mandriva Linux 2006! Use the graphical software installer (on the same system menu) or the command line 'urpmi' tool to explore the many thousands of packages available.

Join the Club and download now through bittorrent, HTTP or FTP mirrors and special dedicated FTP access on demand!

You can join the Club for only 11 euros or US$12 per month!

Click here:

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docespolo | 19.03.2006 przy 11:23 AM
Une fois de plus le torrens n'est pas disponible. La mandriva 2006 december-club-cd.i586 est bloqué à 8,1% Quand à la move download elle est en attente de trouver le lien.

Stefano_Battocletti | 20.03.2006 przy 01:59 PM
J'ai pu la telecharger tres vite, mais je suis resté un peu perplexe.. il s'agit de la "vielle" 2006.0, kde 3.4.2, OpenOffice 1.1.5… seulment le kernel est "nouveau"… au moin a premier coup d'oeil. Salut

stefmit | 20.03.2006 przy 06:22 PM
Just out of curiosity I have downloaded it, burnt a CD, and booted an old spare PC I had around. First thing - played with some options, logged off and … what is the username and password for a normal login ?!? ;)

Stefano_Battocletti | 21.03.2006 przy 02:45 PM
The default user is guest, so I think with the same password I've installed on hd the One distro… it's a mandriva 2006 tuned up, but with the same software than the first one. The only good thing is that I could install it on my Athlon64… with the old one I couldn't. Bye


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