URPMI + RPM5 = True

I've just finished porting urpmi (and rpmtools) to rpm 5.0, making it the first dependency solver supporting rpm 5.0! :)

With a lot help from Jeff this job was mostly done through a C function wrapper making it easy to port applications and supporting both & without having to do major modifications and ugly #ifdefs and what not. This wrapper is available at , but I will probably commit it to upstream soon unless noone objects as it should be usable to many others. There will still be needs for making adaptions in term of freeing of memory when using this as rpm 4 does it in a bit too different way for this wrapper to handle.

Some interesting things were noticed when doing urpmi regression tests with both rpm & rpm 5.0.3(pre):


Failed 3/30 test scripts. 105/2567 subtests failed.

Files=30, Tests=2567, 493 wallclock secs (274.52 cusr + 51.11 csys = 325.63 CPU)

Failed 3/30 test programs. 105/2567 subtests failed.

rpm 5.0.3(pre):

Failed 5/30 test scripts. 57/2558 subtests failed.

Files=30, Tests=2558, 1127 wallclock secs (249.68 cusr + 51.86 csys = 301.54 CPU)

Failed 5/30 test programs. 57/2558 subtests failed.

So there seems to be less regressions with rpm5 currently, this was surprising considering it being a quite recent major release! :)

With urpmi working I was also finally able to update my whole system for the first time in a month, about time! :D This will help out a lot in further rpm5 developments and being able to focus on more issues, I've been working on cleaning up and commiting our patches from rpm package in Mandriva to upstream and there's only a couple left to review, then they've all made it. This is about time since the amount of patches that's been maintained locally is everything but modest, oldest patch I found was done by Chmouel eight years ago!

This is not the last you'll hear from team! ;)

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